A rich buffet breakfast is served daily from 7.00 am till 10:30 am at Golden Triangle hotel. The spacious and elegantly designed breakfast halls feature picturesque views on Bolshaya Konuyshennaya street and Nevsky prospect. Starting your day with a good breakfast in luxurious settings is one of the best decisions you can make.

Breakfast buffet includes 

  • fresh bakery (cakes, cupcakes, croissants, buns)
  • hot starters (porridge, scramble, bacon, sausages, eggs, vegetables)
  • cold starters (salads, meat, cheese, fish)
  • tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juice and water
  • dairy products (cottage cheese, joughurt, milk, cream)
  • cereals, nuts, fruits
  • jam, honey, butter
  • Sparkling wine is served on weekends

Breakfast might be served in your room (service is available upon request).